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september 3rd, 2012 ::: hey world!!! I'm making my debut. My name is Kirby and I'm a
year and a half old terrier mix and weigh about 17.4 pounds. I have brachial plexus
(my arm is paralyzed). I am in a shelter in Southern California and I was scared that
this week might be my last. BUT I just learned that my friend Whitney (who is an
awesome Navy gal) and her friend Rebekah (who is a cool Marine) have gotten in
touch with some MORE Marines in a place called Alabama.

Whitney seems excited and says that I have a "commitment" from the Marines!! I feel
special :) Seems that these military ladies can get stuff done and have a plan for me.
They are raising money to "fix" my arm and then Rebekah will foster me at her house
while I get to feeling better. Lisa will fly out to California and bring me back with her
ON the airplane on October 5th!! I hear it is hotter in Alabama but that ok, I think the
adventure will be fun!!

You can keep up with my story and progress on FB. A Chip-in will be set up next
week to help with my vet care and transport.

update: september 13th: i have had my surgery and I feel fine!!  i am resting at my
foster moms house for a while. they say that in a couple of days i will be up and
running and back to normal :)

september 22, 2012; boy i am feeling great. I cant wait till october when i can meet
semper fi rescue and go hang out with their pack. i hear it is a lot of fun there!!!